• Pot with door
    Code : 324
  • Cast iron design 9 pieces set Re
    Code : 331
  • Teapot
    Code : 338
  • Kettle and teapot Mina cast iron
    Code : 311

Moradi Stainless Steel and Aluminum Producing Industries Provide Simplicity and Perfection

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Only Manufacture in the field of Steel Kettle in Iran

The production unit for improving the quality the products of other countries has Produced Kettle with 3 Layer Brazing Bottom in Highest Quality and top steel sheet existing in the world.

Consumer's Consent

Moradi Stainless Steel and Aluminum producing industries grope always try to maintaining and improvement of the products quality and following the Consumer's Consents. It is important to note that all our Products has the Iran national standard.

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